Your measuring system contains an air pump that draws in samples to check the air composition in your Controlled Atmosphere cold stores. This is done at a flow rate of about 6-7 liters per minute. Many customers wonder why their calibration gas is always running out. This is because most measuring systems use the same flow rate to calibrate gas analyzers. That is a odd and unnecessary, because calibration gas is not cheap.

Blue Atmosphere measurement systems have a standard solution for this. We reduce the flow rate to 1 liter per minute, but only during calibration. You can now calculate for yourself how much that will save. The good news is that we can convert most systems to use less calibration gas. Feel free to contact us, so that we can check without obligation whether your system is suitable for this.

It is important that you regularly calibrate your equipment. A recommended interval is once a week, at least once every two weeks. Also don’t forget to calibrate your hand meter. We recommend that you manually check your cold stores at least once a week.