CO2 Absorption

TDI, a development company of Box, has been researching CO2 control in buildings for a long time. For this purpose, TDI came up with the idea to examine new absorbents that are being investigated for flue gas treatment. The result proved promising, and TDI approached Blue Atmosphere to jointly develop new CO2 absorption systems. In this project the knowledge that TDI has built up through the years is combined with 30 years of experience in the field of gas filtration technology from Blue Atmosphere.

Unique absorbents

The absorbents used are unique because they bind much larger amounts of CO2 per kg, at higher flow rates, and at much lower partial pressures than any other known absorbent. Our new absorbers can therefore be built much smaller and more compact. This allows them to be used in a modular way as a stand-alone unit, and they are potentially leasable. The new units will also be even more energy efficient.

So, Blue Atmosphere sees the market for CO2 absorption much wider than just the fresh market. We do this development with a technical university in an exclusive partnership. The unique, combined knowledge ensures that we are agile and can accelerate. Already in 2022 we expect to market the first products.