Long-term storage

Blue Atmosphere supplies turnkey, tailor-made Controlled Atmosphere (CA) projects worldwide. We produce all the equipment for these projects ourselves, but outsource a great deal of the production. This means we save up to 20% on costs and we can guarantee shorter delivery times. In addition to machinery and the control system, we also supply all cold room accessories (air buffers, under-/overpressure valves, cold store valves), installation materials, and installation work.

We will go through your project in detail with you during the quotation and order process. We will discuss:

  • when we supply;
  • whether we should organize the shipping of your project;
  • the exact location of machinery, control elements and, for example, the pipework;
  • when installation takes place, and what the expected delivery date is.

Service during production and construction

That way you know exactly where you stand (and so do we!). We ensure that you are assigned a contact person who you can ask questions during production and construction and who you can address. After completing the installation work we will go through your project with you. We do the necessary testing and give instruction to you and your staff, so that you can make a good start. This is followed by delivery, where we sign a delivery document together. After delivery, the warranty period starts, which is one year as standard. During this period, but also afterwards, we are of course available for questions and support. No additional charges will be requested during the first year after completion. Only after one year we will charge a very reasonable service rate.