Durable and more capacity

CO2 absorber

A CO2 absorber, also known as scrubber, is used to remove CO2 from a confined space. Fruits and vegetables are living objects that produce CO2. CO2 levels must therefore be maintained during storage. A CO2 absorber ensures that values are kept between an upper and lower limit. In this way, the fruit quality remains optimal during long-term storage and losses due to product damage are prevented.

Our re-designed absorbers have a number of unique characteristics:

  • We completely changed the gas flow model.
  • Our absorbers are always equipped with a controller to manage internal processes and for remote diagnostics.
  • Optimal adsorption and regeneration times are set based on CO2 values measured with a sensor in the adsorber, and software algorithms.
  • The software enables the machine to adsorb CO2 in up to three rooms before regeneration of activated coal is required.

Due to these improvements we were able to increase the capacity of the machine with over 75% compared to existing designs. It speaks for itself that our adsorbers are equipped with a so-called ‘lung’ that avoids O2 entering the cold store during adsorption. The lung, in fact a flexible PUR buffer, collects air from one cold store (without creating an under pressure), and uses this ‘parked’ air after regeneration with ambient air to remove oxygen from the tank, just before the start of the adsorption of the next cold store. We use extra powerful in-direct drive fans. Belt driven fans avoid expensive bearing problems, and they retain pressure at higher resistances. The application of the powerful fans saves over 20% power.  Because we are a science-based organization, we have detailed knowledge of fruit respiration. We use this knowledge to calculate the required capacities. We share our calculations with you. In this way we prevent you from running out of capacity. Our adsorbers can work standalone. This means that the adsorber controller can control cell valves (up to 16 rooms) and aeration fans. Our adsorbers are designed sustainably and are built to last. Because their controllers are part of the controller network of our control system, you can follow all processes in detail. Blue Atmosphere keeps you In Control.