FreshMAP is a CA system for fresh products that consists of pallet covers that are placed in a cold store. FreshMAP units are conditioned, whereby the correct, optimum gas conditions of a certain product are applied. It is a flexible system, whereby pallets can be added or disconnected at any time. Each unit is connected to our measuring and control system with only two hoses: one for taking measuring samples and checking conditions, the other for injecting gases, and thus correcting them. A FreshMAP unit is connected to the two hoses with quick couplings. Each unit can store a different species of fruits, and therefore have different conditions. FreshMAP is mainly used for fresh produce that is stored under high CO2 values, such as blueberries and red currants, cherries, strawberries, but also, for example, green beans, pomegranates, flowers or dates. With our system, berries can be stored for 2-8 months.

We will further automate FreshMAP storage. With Wageningen University we are currently developing a unique mathematical algorithm that fully automates the conditioning. Part of this development is a rapid conditioning system, which can do the job for a 2 m3 unit in just 15 minutes.