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New: Gastightening materials for cold stores

Blue Atmosphere wants to develop further as a total supplier for Controlled Atmosphere products and is introducing 3 new products that together offer an excellent solution for the gastight finishing of cold stores and other areas.

30 years of experience in storage

Disruptive innovations

Blue Atmosphere is a global provider of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technology. A new, Dutch company with more than 30 years of experience in storage of fresh food products. The CA market for food products is currently changing more rapidly than ever before. Until a few years ago there was a rather conservative wait-and-see attitude with hardly any noticeable innovations. But that has changed.

“Blue Atmosphere is able to provide disruptive innovations that will change the storage market in one turn”, says Bert Tournois, CEO of Blue Ocean Xlerator. Box is our academic and business partner, based in Wageningen. “Especially in the area of CO2 absorption and control systems, Blue Atmosphere is not only flexible and customer-friendly, but the company also greatly reduces costs.”


The fresh market has turbulent times. Cold chains have become complex, fossil fuels are under pressure, and the use of chemicals is banned.

To guide your company through this time full of changes, you require partners that are willing to innovate, develop, adjust, be agile and adapt constantly. More than ever, the market demands innovative solutions. We operate from Wageningen, which is the greatest, global hub in Agri and Food innovation. “Blue Atmosphere develops solutions that will keep you In Control!”, says Raşit Görgülü, CFO of Box.
Smart innovations that solve problems

Our equipment & services

Below you can find an overview of our services. Each service consists of one or multiple equipment. Select a particular service item below to see which equipment is / are part of it.

Equipment of Long-term storage

An overview of our equipment.

Equipment of Blanketing

An overview of our equipment.

Equipment of FreshMAP & shipping

An overview of our equipment.

Equipment of Laboratory systems

An overview of our equipment.

Equipment of CO2 Absorption

An overview of our equipment.

Equipment of Turnkey Solutions

An overview of our equipment.

Reasons to choose Blue Atmosphere

Why are we different

There are different reasons to choose Blue Atmosphere as your partner.

Innovation and a scientific approach

The Netherlands has a very strong global position in Agri & Food. Our company is located in the Dutch city Wageningen, that also houses Wageningen University (WUR), one of the most important agricultural universities in the world. Our partner, Blue Ocean Xlererator is an investor founded by entrepreneurial scientists whose starting point for their business models is disruptive innovation. Box, and Box companies, are supported by two R&D companies TOP and TDI. Blue Atmosphere develops market-driven solutions with these partners.

Guaranteed the best prices

By designing machines intelligently it is possible to outsource large parts of the production and to keep efficient stocks. A number of innovations in our machinery have improved their capacity by 20-30%. Finally, we keep our overhead costs low and we keep on investing in development. That is why we are so competitive, and we are able to offer projects at attractive prices.

We respect your freedom

Dutch people like to work together. Our control software is programmed in Siemens Climatix Controllers. Our modular hardware is not only cost-efficient and extendible, but can also easily communicate with other software via the MODbus protocol. Because we develop and produce our own software and operating systems, we connect to -for instance- third-party refrigeration software. We offer you the freedom to plan a storage facility the way you want it.

We believe in service

We have 30 years of experience with Controlled Atmosphere storage. We not only know the technology, but also the physiology and biochemistry of the fresh produce itself. We know how to handle it. We fully understand why service is so important to you. Our control systems have good diagnostic properties, which means that many issues can be solved remotely. But, of course we work with local technicians that will support you when something cannot be solved from a distance. Your storage system will be tested thoroughly, and delivered in your presence. We never leave you in the cold; you can count on us.

Increase your knowledge


How are CO2 adsorbers dimensioned?

Why is dimensioning Controlled Atmosphere machinery so important? We would like to pay a little more attention to this. This mainly concerns the CO2 adsorbers. Optimal CO2 values ​​in a cold store are different for every fruit or vegetable variety. Even for different cultivars and growing locations, they can be different. For example,…