Over the past year, Blue Atmosphere has already paid a lot of attention in its blogs to how its CO2 adsorbers distinguish themselves in the market. We would like to add something to that.

In larger projects, where the total CO2 production is higher than 900 kg per day, the total tonnage is divided over two (or more) adsorbers. In practice, this means that a number of CA stores are allocated to one adsorber in the configuration of the software, and the remaining CA stores to a second adsorber. However, the decentralized system of Blue Atmosphere makes it possible to place both adsorbers on one circular ring, so that all room can be served by both adsorbers. This offers a number of important advantages:

  • The cold stores no longer have to be divided between the two adsorbers. In many cases, this division is not useful at all. Two adsorbers of the same type often make the division even more difficult. So, this is now resolved.
  • Flexibility is greatly improved. Because there is no longer a distribution of cold stores, products that require more or less capacity can be stored where you want them.
  • An adsorber can possibly be switched off halfway through the storage season, or in the event of a malfunction there is always a second one that can be used (redundacy).
  • Projects can be expanded more easily.

The two absorbers work alternately, which means that CO2 is adsorbed almost continuously. Both adsorbers optimize adsorption and regeneration times by a separate CO2 sensor in the machines.