Unfortunately, the conditioning of Controlled Atmosphere rooms does not depend solely on the conditioning machinery you use. Its basis is and remains the gastightness of rooms. An important factor in the finishing of CA rooms are the gastightening materials. It is about a special coating consisting of several layers that hermetically seal panel seams and, for example, the frame of a door. The layers consist of a primer, a fleece and at least two layers of coating. Important, unique properties are the flexibility and anti-fungal effect of the coating, but also its adherence characteristics and durability.

Blue Atmosphere supplies its own gastightness materials of very good quality for a competitive price. In this way we want to contribute even further to correct conditioning and the success of your storage. Our materials have been tested for several years and the adhesion and mold resistance have been improved. We can supply gastight materials to you, or, if wished, we will come over and apply them for you.