VPSAs are usually the most efficient nitrogen generators for the storage of fresh products. They use an oil-free blower to bind oxygen to activated carbon (CMS). As a result, the CMS can never become contaminated with oil residues, as with a PSA. During regeneration, the CMS is cleaned with a vacuum pump. For these reasons, VPSA-technology has a dramatically longer life-span.

Both pumps on the VPSA should be thermally protected. But that is not enough. In case the oil in the vacuum pump gets too hot, a fire can start. This has become clear again in a new, recent case in Holland, where fire led to a total loss of a generator and a damaged machine room. Sheer luck prevented worse; the fire was noticed in time.

Blue Atmosphere generators have a Climatix controller that continuously monitors the oil temperature. If it becomes too high, the machine will switch off immediately, and you will be warned by an alarm. Go for safety!